itunes pic
Pretenders - Precious
Joe Jackson - Got The Time
The Police - It's Alright For You
The Jam - New Of The World
The Clash - London's Burning
Satan's Rats - Year Of The Rats
Phobia - Pretend We're Crazy
Ramones - Loudmouth
The Cortinas - Independence
Sophisticated Boom Boom - Beat Girls
Romeo Void - Shake The Hands Of Time
Vital Disorders - Tough Times
Get Smart! - Eat, Sleep, A Go-Go
The Feelies - Original Love
R.E.M. - Carnival Of Sorts (Box Cars)
Payola$ - China Boys
The Lucy Show - A Million Things
Flesh For Lulu - Restless
The Motels - Envy
Madelynn Von Ritz - When I Close My Eyes I See Blood

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