Leland Sklar has played on thousands of sessions and hundreds of hit records - from Phil Collins, to Jackson Browne, to David Bowie to Toto and more. Today Leland, along with film director Denny Tedesco, talk records, music stories and the new film "The Immediate Family".

Topics include:

  • Leland is punctual
  • Does Leland have a record collection?
  • Denny’s dad Tommy didn’t listen to music at home
  • Leland’s ability to listen for enjoyment
  • The best acoustic hall Leland has played
  • The acoustics of Carnegie Hall
  • Leland’s preference for touring or studio work
  • Finding time w all members of The Immediate Family
  • The impacts of The Immediate Family film
  • Going from a sideman to main focus with The Immediate Family
  • Leland’s experience with original The Wrecking Crew
  • How Leland got into being a studio musician
  • Backing musicians getting their names on records was a gamechanger
  • The Wrecking Crew’s names were not on records
  • What tours or sessions was Leland offered that he regrettably turned down
  • Studio sessions vs recordings from home and sending in tracks
  • What are some of the tougher situations Leland gets hired for?
  • Any songs or albums that Leland would like to revisit?
  • Hearing recordings he was on but didn’t recognize
  • Frustrations of the music business
  • Memories with Frank Zappa
  • How many Beatles has Leland worked with?
  • Memories with John Entwistle
  • Experiences with Jazz legends
  • What bass players get up to when they’re not playing
  • Memories with Eddie Van Halen
  • Memories with Billy Thorpe
  • Memories of recording Billy Cobham Spectrum
  • How to see The Immediate Family documentary film
  • Interview wrap up

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