Gino Yevdjevich (Srđan Jevđević) grew up in Sarajevo, son of a high judge and became a music superstar before age 20. When the Bosnia-Herzegovina conflict came, Gino and his artist community dodged nightly sniper fire to make music. Today Gino shares his story and his continued pursuit of art and music.

Topics include:

  • Gino intros
  • Kultur Shock single on Alternative Tentacles
  • Meeting Jello Biafra
  • Connecting with Billy Gould and Chris Novoselic
  • Disclaimer for potentially asking dumb questions
  • Gino grew up as privileged youth, mother a Supreme Court justice
  • Fascination with being an artist from youth
  • Were records easy to get as a kid?
  • Gino’s records were destroyed in the war
  • Access to Western Music records
  • The records / artists that inspired Gino
  • Spending 9th grade in Colorado
  • The creation of the band “Zov
  • Making a hit song while in high school
  • The impact of being a successful artist in high school
  • The journey from “Zov” to “Gino Banana
  • Still getting requests for the song “Mače Moje Čupavo”
  • The discography of Gino Banana
  • What were the band plans before the war?
  • Gino may have been an executive at Diskoton
  • He considers himself a “war profiteer”
  • The war shaped Gino into a different artist and person
  • Being a target for snipers
  • Revisiting the streets of Sarajevo
  • Putting the musical Hair on during the war
  • Inspiring other artists to create during the war
  • Being discovered by Joan Baez to come to the United States
  • Almost not making it out of the country
  • Will he be releasing the Kultur Shock catalogue on vinyl?
  • Interview wrap up

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