Ray Ahn and Peter Black of Australian punk band The Hard-Ons discuss the early days of the band, the records, the band name, career choices, music catalogue, artistic evolution, the new LP "Ripper 23" and more.

Topics include:

  • Ray’s record room
  • Record shopping, Miles Davis
  • Ray’s early history with music/vinyl
  • The Hard-Ons love vinyl, large album cover art
  • Blackie always thinks like an album
  • The 1st records Ray and Blackie bonded over
  • Record shopping around Sydney as youths
  • Discovering Australian punk
  • The Sex Pistols taught Blackie he can start a band
  • Ray joins the band
  • History of the name “The Hard-Ons”
  • Benefits & challenges of the band name “The Hard-Ons”
  • Making the “Surfin’ On My Face” EP
  • Being approached by Virgin Records
  • Conversations with Epitaph records
  • Ownership of The Hard-Ons catalogue
  • The complexities to self-release music & back catalogue
  • “Ripper 23” cover art
  • The Hard-Ons continuing to evolve
  • Shifting members and the future with Tim Rogers
  • Parallel project of Nunchukka Superfly
  • Multiple bands make a musician better
  • The Hard-Ons Doublethink records single
  • Ordering vinyl for “Ripper 23”
  • Interview wrap up

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