Bär McKinnon and Danny Heifetz recount many tales of their time in Mr Bungle, the rare recordings, vinyl pressings and band folklore, as well as their new project UMLAUT, new music and the future of playing together again.

Topics include:

  • Moving to Australia
  • Mr Bungle bubble-bath promotion
  • Joining Mr Bungle before "OU818"
  • Outtakes from the debut album
  • "Improv at the Bomb Factory" NFT
  • Bass part for "Dead Goon"
  • Setlist creation for live shows
  • Approach to cover songs
  • Early songs dropping off the setlist
  • Demos for "Disco Volante"
  • Mr Bungle & Warner Brothers
  • Danny starts managing the band
  • “The Secret Song” hidden vinyl groove
  • Bernie Grundman speaks about Mr Bungle
  • The Disco Volante Platypus 7”
  • Any outtakes from the “California” sessions?
  • Sessions of cover songs – tapes found
  • Demos for “California”
  • Finding time to make “California”
  • Learning Mr Bungle was dissolving
  • Legacy of Mr Bungle and the 3 early albums
  • SMPTE issues while completing "Disco Volante"
  • Learning of the 2019 Mr Bungle reunion
  • Playing together again in Umlaut
  • The new Umlaut song “Every Time”
  • New album in the works / Upcoming shows
  • Umlaut vinyl in the works
  • Interview wrap up

Listen to new Umlaut track here

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