After an accidental erasure in 1979, the song "The Second Arrangement" took on mythic status for fans of Steely Dan. Now a near complete version has turned up on a worktape belonging to engineer Roger Nichols. Today we talk to Cimcie Nichols, Roger's daughter, about this incredible rediscovery and lots more about the work of her father.

Topics include:

  • Digging through her father’s tapes
  • The story of “The Second Arrangement
  • Steely Dan attempted to remake “The Second Arrangement”
  • Reacting to the picture of the tape on Facebook
  • Did Roger know the interest in “The Second Arrangement”?
  • The day of the track deletion
  • Working w Steely Dan team after finding the tape
  • The cassette was from the night before of the deletion
  • Roger Nichols clip 1: Driving Lacquer master to Santa Maria
  • Did you find many records amongst her dad’s possessions?
  • Roger Nichols clip 2: Getting rid of the clicks and pops
  • There are some records but most are now gone
  • Then a DAT was found! What was on the DAT?
  • There’s a series of backups and versions are unclear
  • Will there ever be an official release of “The Second Arrangement”?
  • Is Donald Fagan aware of the recent news?
  • Sorting through the tapes for a Roger Nichols’ archive
  • Gary Katz Clip: Mustard on the master tape
  • Roger and Frank Zappa were high school friends
  • Roger’s knowledge of physics gave him a huge advantage as a sound technician
  • Ensuring pressing plants had access to high quality source material
  • Roger Nichols Clip 3: Master tape mixups on “The Nightfly”
  • Interview wrap up

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