On this week's Vookcast, Angelo is joined by Luke and Andrew to discuss their experiences with Paper Mario: The Origami King, currently the last big Nintendo release we know about for 2020. We also talk about even more Super Mario LEGO sets on the way, as well as a new Nintendo partnership with Monopoly and Jenga.

Topping off the show, as usual, are our eShop recommendations (it’s been a while, but there are some solid choices again!) as well as the release forecast. Note: Crysis Remastered got un-delayed!

Are you looking forward to emptying your future kids’ university funds into some LEGO Super Mario sets? Have you been playing the new Paper Mario this weekend? Was Donkey Kong Country the right choice for Nintendo Switch Online? Join the discussion in the Vooks Discord!

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This week's music is from 1991’s Super Castlevania IV for the Super Nintendo.

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