Turn down the lights, light up a cigar and pour a nice brandy because an cozy cast of two brings you the Vookcast this fortnight.It's a shorter podcast than normal, with only one major release to talk about, but we do our best to bring you the news and discussion you listen for.This week in news, we look at Nintendo confirming that they'll be present at PAX Australia, Mighty Switch Force HD and Game & Wario finally getting Australian release dates, Nintendo's showcase they have prepared for E3 and the recent news of EA, Frostbite, and potentially the Wii U missing out on Star Wars for the foreseeable future.As the fortnight has seen few Nintendo releases, only one game to talk about this week, and that's Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge on Wii U.We hope you enjoy this fortnight's intimate Vookcast!

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