Welcome to the newest season of the Vookcast and our first episode for 2014!Since we didn't get around to doing it at the end of last year, the team has had some time to reflect and play whatever games they missed out on throughout the year and decide between them which games were their favourites of the year.The team runs through their best and worst games separately on both the Wii U and the 3DS, with the 3DS eShop getting a special mention too. Following that, the team talks about which games they're looking forward to coming out this year (from what we know, anyway) and a random hope or dream that may or may not happen this coming year too.Do you agree? Do you not? Let us know! Big changes will be coming to the podcast soon, so watch this space and enjoy a reflection on one of the biggest years for Nintendo!We'd also like to apologise in advance - there is some audible background noise that appeared only in post-production, but was unable to be removed without removing speech. We have isolated the issue for future episodes.For full production and music credits, visit www.vooks.net

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