The team returns with another traditional episode this fortnight. James, Steven and Daniel all return to discuss the latest news and announcements, including the (finally) release of Retro City Rampage, the announcement of Cult County and all that juicy information that Nintendo finally let loose about Mario Kart 8.The team also covers more localised, Australia centric news - including the recently announced Electabuzz/Magmar Pokemon event, the Pink 2DS and it's Australian release date, as well as recent additions to Club Nintendo and the confirmation of the Pokemon VGC returning for another year. There's some bad news in there too, for good measure.The team does a bit of housekeeping and covers some games we previously missed, including the controversial Senran Kagura Burst and the fashionably late Retro City Rampage. Of course, James gets some sizeable discussion about Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney too.So that's it for another fortnight! Don't forget that our next proper in-depth critique episode is going to debut in the next fortnight, and we've got the competition winner to be announced in that episode too. For full production credits, music credits and a timeline of the episode please visit

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