With all the 3DS news flying around at the moment, what better time for the Vookcast to emerge from its long, dormant slumber and rise from the ashes once again.This week join myself, Daniel "flamecondor" Worthington, as I chat with Vooks Community Manager James, Grand Lord Overlord of the site Vook and special guest, Kotaku Australia Editor Mark Serrels, as we dive head first into all the recent 3DS news.Vook gives us his hands-on impressions from the recent Nintendo 3DS event in Japan, we go over the launch line-ups, the region-locking and much more. After all that, there is still more as we give our impressions of recent DS games Ghost Trick and Kingdom Hearts Re:coded as well as Donkey Kong Country Returns on the Wii.And if all wasn't enough, we have a quick look back at the year that was and give our picks for DS and Wii Game of the Year. Finally, as usual, your chance to win a swag of free games. This week we added to the pile Viewtiful Joe: Double Trouble! to the DS games; tweet me (@flamecondor) your answers to the question in the Vookcast and the first correct entry wins some games. Support the show