This week we go all cliché on you and have a look back on Nintendos late 90's wonder system, the Nintendo 64. We talk about our memories with the system, our favourite games and just ramble on for 50 minutes about how amazing it was. We also squeeze in some extra time to talk about recent stuff as well with the usual Games Played & discuss all the recent gaming news such as Sega's restructuring and our thoughts on the possible WiiU price point. Games discussed this week include Project Zero 2, Heroes of Ruin, Theaterythm Final Fantasy, Arcade Classics 3D, The Amazing Spider-Man for 3DS, Order Up!!, Bomb Monkey, Professor Layton and the Last Spector, Pokemon Conquest and more. Be sure to head on to the forums once you've listened to the show to give us your thoughts and feedback on the episode or below in the comments.

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