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Timestamps: (Courtesy of TurtleZero)

0:30 Overview of Topics
1:15 New water bottles (
2:41 thoughts on Product costs/distribution
4:21 Topics Continued
5:28 Headline Topic - 12k cameras
17:35 MSI allegedly paying people to remove bad reviews
30:45 Sponsors
35:05 Linus talks about his headband
37:30 Mr. Beast ran into some trouble
40:28 New (12pin) power connector on Nvidia Ampere cards
42:50 New 12v only ATX standard coming from Intel
44:23 Massive Twitter Hack
47:15 Linus shows a card that his daughter made
47:58 Twitch forces the US Army to stop posting fake giveaways
51:02 Henry Cavill builds a PC
52:31 Talking about 'Gamer Girl'
55:07 Super Chats