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Timestamps (Courtesy of Alex Howland)

1:51 Intro 2:45 Luke's Plumbing Issues 5:32 Apple Event Discussion 11:52 Apple Arcade (Title Topic) 22:34 Spotify Family Program

~~~~SPONSORS~~~~ 28:52 Ridge Wallet 29:30 Private Internet Access 31:15 Savage Jerky

33:25 Virtual Boy 41:32 Luke's Plants 43:45 LTT Merch 45:23 Shirtless Linus 46:32 Linus gets rid of his OLED TV 50:20 Mircosoft Power Toys 51:45 Back to talking about the OLED TV 56:42 Super Chats 57:10 Floatplane News 1:00:20 Back to Super Chats 1:05:00 Linus And Luke Talk Star Wars 1:09:45 Again back to Super Chats 1:11:50 Outro