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Timestamps: (Courtesy of Imp3rial St0rm)

4:20 – Intro
7:22 – Nvidia’s Ampere A100 Announced
15:49 – Unreal Engine 5 Demo Shown, and It’s Amazing
22:20 – PS5 SSD Isn’t All They Say
39:20 – Sponsors!
Manscaped: use code wan
And Of Course,
42:15 – New Star Wars and Disney Team is Absolutely Garbage
58:06 – LG To Make Horizontal Swiveling Phone
1:02:44 – Does Demonetized Content Get Paid by YouTube Premium Viewers?
1:05:46 – TSMC to Build a 12 Billion Dollar Fabs in Arizona by 2023
1:07:35 – How Much Of a Difference does YouTube Premium Make?
1:09:38 – Superchats
1:21:26 – Outro