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LTX2020, Save the Date - August 8+9, 2020 -

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Timestamps: (Courtesy Lloyd Dunamis)

01:51 INTRO
02:49 Intel XE Series GPU Leaks
06:30 GPU TDP Watt ratings
07:37 Naming: Chiplets vs Tiles
09:08 Excitement level assessment
11:20 New Youtube & Floatplane Channel
13:50 Actual new channel announcement
20:26 New channel naming, and Luke's ulterior motive
22:42 Purpose
26:26 TESLA Returned Autopilot/Self-driving Feature
26:30 "Cars as a Service" discussion recap
30:36 Actual topic + related
35:54 Vessi Footwear
37:14 Backblaze
38:14 PIA - Private Internet Access
42:55 New Shipping Pricing Structure for
47:31 Sony Struggling with PS5 Price
48:10 Nintendo Peripherals price rant in-betweens
55:51 (Emergency) Phone Call: Server room fire
55:38 NVidia GeForce Now - Publishers Pull Out
57:46 Elon Musk's Starlink Plan Approved for Australia
1:01:01 The Essential Phone Closure
1:02:07 Steam Labs Experiment 008 - Machine Learning Suggests Which Owned Games To Play Next
1:02:55 (Small Update) Server's super cramped
1:04:09 What it looks like (screenshots)
1:04:55 Burning Server Update
1:14:42 Puerto Rico's Government Phished for US$2.6M
1:16:13 Backblaze's 2019 HDD Failure Rates Report Released
1:19:16 Folding Phones Released - Samsung & Motorola
1:19:30 Poll: Folding (Horizontal) vs Flipping (Vertical) vs Standard
1:21:08 Poll results
1:23:09 "Where do you see VR in 1, 5 or 10 yrs; Hard limits in the tech?"
1:26:55 Who & Which channel to contact for episode ideas
1:28:30 Burning Server (Update)
1:31:00 OUTRO