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LTX2020, Save the Date - August 8+9, 2020 -

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Timestamps: (Courtesy of Blahorga Slisk)

1:06 - Forgotten Weapons joins Floatplane 2:10 - Todays subjects 4:10 - Intro 4:39 - Linus makes this episode all Q&A! Promise! 5:46 - If you want a shirt that makes people hate your vid stream then go to 6:06 - More Q&A 9:07 - Linus laptop just has had it with all the silliness and commit suicide by throwing a BSOD... 10:16 - First Topic! Linus will stop talking, eventually... 11:32 - Linus has stalled long enough that his notebook has been resuscitated. 11:39 - First Topic! (again) Intels GPU shown in the flesh (Squishy, squishy squishy squishy...) 22:14 - "Behind the 8-ball" LTT investigates the expression and learn lots of valuable stuff (not) 24:45 - Sponsor #1: Vessi Footwear (Linus gets to play with water. I feel like I'm watching a King of Random episode, just with less fire and explosions) 27:56 - Sponsor #2: 28:47 - Sponsor #3: Displate 29:34 - Linus car. He IS going to review it, any year now... 30:47 - Sony built a car, but let's talk about the PS5 name, design and logo. 38:32 - So, what was that about Sony making a car? 40:03 - Something about a user going by i7-6969x in the chat has Luke laughing like a mad man. 40:26 - Linus tries to get the show back on track. Sony? Car? Remember? 47:27 - Luke doesn't have a PS4. Linus baffled... 49:29 - Linus is bringing Epic Gamestore down, one free DL at a time, and NO micro transactions... 50:06 - It's a Switch, from Dell? And it runs PC games?! 54:20 - Cherry updates switch to 100 million actuations. Games not included... 56:02 - The new pot stash box has facial recognition, wifi, Bluetooth, a scale and they won an innovation award at CES. (but are not allowed to talk about it, because you know, Mary Jane...) 59:22 - Movie reviews from Carpool critics. 59:42 - LTX at Aug. 8th & 9th... 1:00:08 - Superchatt and a lot about FF6. Will he play it or not, and if he does, will he stream it?