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Timestamps courtesy of Isaiah

0:00 Start / 10 Year Birthday
6:00 Sales is underrated
9:13 Being asleep.
12:04 The Intro
12:55 No not Jibo!
16:40 Go get that shirt! (doesn't get it)
27:27 Rat talk.
29:00 Linus' day on 9/11/2001
30:25 Sponsor: MOS Organizer
30:34 Linus leaks RTX
33:55 Sponsor: Sea Sonic
34:05 Linus leaks RTX again.
35:50 Sponsor: Fresh books!
37:00 Chinese scientist created first designer babies
44:55 Reading of super chats
47:30 YouTube removing paywall of YouTube Originals
50:30 Same bad-time and same bat channel / Outtro.

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