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Timestamps courtesy of WestOfAsh

0:00 RTX shirt 1:18 RTX graphics cards reviews are coming! 3:16 Topics for this week 5:36 RTX @ PAX 9:00 HDR on and off comparison to RTX on and off 13:18 offloading RTX to different cores can it stretch the performance longer on cards? 17:56 6800 GT Ultra launched in 2004 supported until 2015. 20:00 Nvidia performance slides are vague but give some idea of expectations. 25:00 Competitive games will not adopt uneven hardware preferences 26:33 gameplay is king 30:31 Sponsor 1 Environmentally sustainable wood! 33:18 Sponsor 2 34:23 Sponsor 3 (love this stuff) 37:07 GIVEAWAY! 38:30 RTX ON shirt URL 39:20 Floatplane's dominant feature. Early access to video for subscribers. 42:40 Manual monthly fee for floatplane? Big updates coming! 43:25 Chrome is killing worldwideweb = WWW. before websites URL 46:20 Premier Youtube live streaming! 48:01 No talking about Alex Jones 50:15 Apple has good RMA FAST SHIPPING speeds! 53:50 Notches on phones 55:15 OnePlus removing Headphone jack 58:50 Super chats 1:01:25 Red Phone and early hydrogen 1 email. 1:04:34 CLEAN DENNIS apartment, Here is $200 post it on SUPER FUN CHANNEL! 1:05:18 END