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Timestamps courtesy of Alexander Mustermann

0:32 Topics 1:35 RIP HEADPHONE USERS 1:39 Intro 2:39 Does Linus have RBF? 5:40 Razer’s branding and “Gaming” marketing 10:09 Answering superchats 12:13 Google mandates two years of security updates for popular phones 15:32 ROG phone all accessories review coming, but will it get two year updates? Early adopters vs product support discussion. 27:52 What does it actually cost Google to unbundle Google apps? Insane licensing fees. 34:19 Sponsors - Elgato 35:30 Sponsors - FreshBooks 37:32 Sponsors – Madrinas Coffee 38:40 EU’s new copyright directive (Article 13) passed voting round. Possible big impact on YouTube. 49:50 OnePlus had to move it’s keynote because of Apple’s 55:31 Answering more superchats 58:40 Outro