for a 10 day free trial Squarespace:, offer code LINUS to save 10%. forum link: Soundcloud Link: Timestamps courtesy of Brandom Axtmann, Ghost, JJMC89, and Sam Tilling (IPickle) 00:04:29 - Samsung Galaxy Note 7 announced 00:16:07 - NVIDIA Titan XP reviews and benchmarks 00:35:35 - Sponsor: Squarespace 00:37:12 - Sponsor: 00:40:10 - Microsoft pitches technology that can read facial expressions at political rallies 00:47:32 - NASA trains astronauts using consumer grade VR and "NVIDIA GPU Technology" 00:52:39 - OnePlus to halt sales of OnePlus 3 for more than a month in 24 countries 00:54:02 - Comcast says it wants to charge broadband users more for privacy 00:58:41 - Next Google Maps update could show how bad parking is 01:02:55 - Using VPNs: What UAE residents need to know 01:06:03 - Facebook to tweak their news feed to show you less clickbait 01:10:44 - Xbox One S is faster than Xbox One 01:15:00 - 6% Netflix tax for citizens of Pennsylvania, U.S. 01:19:43 - US Copyright Office sides with cable companies against FCC's proposed set-top box rules