Check out NerdSports: Sponsors! for a 10 day free trial Visit Ministry of Supply and get 15% off your first purchase by clicking here: Soundcloud Link: Timestamps courtesy of Ghost, JJMC89, and Sam Tilling (IPickle) 00:03:30 - Pokémon GO tops Twitter daily users, sees more engagement than Facebook 00:07:50 - Two men fall off cliff whilst playing Pokémon GO 00:09:00 - 15 year old hit by car after playing Pokémon GO 00:10:30 - US Holocaust memorial asks Pokémon GO players to stay away 00:13:15 - Long Island pizza place sales are up 75% by using Pokémon GO lures 00:18:30 - McDonalds Pokémon GO partnership 00:25:20 - Man's Pokémon GO chat app so successful it's bankrupting him 00:29:40 - Sponsor: 00:31:52 - Sponsor: Ministry of Supply 00:36:17 - CSGO gambling debacle 00:38:49 - Group of trial attorneys taking on class-action requests in CSGO gambling lawsuit 00:41:45 - NVIDIA GTX 1080, 1070 displayport incompatible with Vive HMD (solution identified) 00:43:44 - PCs shipments in the US are growing for the first time in ages 00:44:53 - Terry Crews posts take over r/pcmasterrace/ on Reddit after building custom PC on Facebook 00:47:00 - Nintendo releasing a Miniature NES with 30 built-in games