Check out NerdSports: Sponsors! Squarespace:, offer code LINUS to save 10%. Soundcloud Link: Timestamps courtesy of Ghost, JJMC89, and Sam Tilling (IPickle) 00:03:41 - Oculus stops blocking Vive owners from playing exclusive Rift games 00:09:12 - Bad month for Apple repairs as Tekserve to close, Louis Rossmann videos likely to disappear 00:15:57 - Microsoft pays Woman $10,000 USD over forced Windows 10 upgrade 00:21:59 - Tesla driver dies in first fatal crash while using autopilot mode 00:28:30 - US Border Control could start asking for your social media accounts 00:34:30 - Apple granted patent that can prevent iPhones from recording concerts 00:40:10 - Twitch now lets you watch people eat 00:42:28 - Android N is named "Nougat" 00:42:40 - Sponsor: Squarespace 00:45:15 - Android Nougat statue unwrapping 00:50:55 - Florida man sues Apple for $10 billion USD, says he invented the iPhone in 1992 00:57:55 - Samsungs 1TB M.2 NVMe SM961 review 00:59:45 - Activision issues DMCA takedown against developers of Orion: Prelude 01:02:49 - More rumours that NX will be cartridge based 01:06:08 - Twitter blitz