Check out MOS products at Check out Zotac products on Newegg at Forum link: Soundcloud link: Timestamps courtesy of Brandom Axtmann and JJMC89. 00:02:27 - r/buildapc is now the the_linus 00:05:06 - GeForce GTX G-Assist 00:06:40 - New YouTube filters for advertisers to avoid certain types of content 00:16:22 - Ashes of the Singularity update gives up to 31% improvement on Ryzen 00:21:19 - Oculus co-founder, Luckey, leaves Facebook 00:24:17 - Samsung store caught fire the day before the Galaxy S8 announcement 00:25:09 - Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus unveiled 00:30:42 - Samsung to sell refurbished Note 7 phones 00:33:22 - Sponsor: MOS 00:36:17 - Sponsor: Zotac 00:38:25 - Razer's servers go down for the second time this month, resetting mice and keyboards globally 00:41:55 - Domino's to use robots for deliveries in Europe 00:44:04 - Elon Musk launches Neuralink 00:52:00 - Samsung debuts 34-foot 4K HDR LED display for movie theaters