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Timestamps: (Courtesy of Matthew Potato)

0:00 WAN Show late again
0:06 Linus building his dream teenager PC
1:23 stream issues
2:20 intro
3:13 more stream issues
4:58 Microsoft shipping full Linux kernel within Windows 10
9:13 Minecraft with ray tracing
13:33 AMD Ryzen 3000 series rumors
19:56 Linus story time about non-techie family members
26:28 everything is technology
28:38 Linus has autism?
30:16 SPONSOR: Ridge Wallet - What's in Linus and Luke's wallet?
39:03 SPONSOR: Honey
40:22 SPONSOR: Madrinas Coffee - Lots of talk about The Roast
48:08 LTT merch
49:36 brief mention of Google IO, Android Q, Pixel 3a, Google Maps AR
51:00 random stuff
55:53 LTX - editing den, tickets, creators
57:32 super chats
59:00 PayPal being buttheads
1:00:10 back to super chats
1:02:20 Floatplane stuff
1:06:16 BOINC Pentathlon
1:07:00 sudden ending (RIP outro)

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