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This week we talk about The Meg and how the Meg isn’t very good. Plus news of the James Gunn/Marvel situation, Star Wars Resistence and a cancelled Tatooine movie, TV news with Watchmen, Iron Fist and Treadstone, Tom Cruise as Hal Jordan or maybe not and also Robocop Returns casting. Thanks for listening!

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0:00 The Start

2:15 James Gunn update

5:21 Star Wars Resistance trailer

9:12 Cancelled Star Wars Tatooine movie

12:02 Watchmen series going ahead

14:42 Iron Fist trailer

18:42 Treadstone TV series

22:30 Watchmen series going ahead

22:47 Tom Cruise Green Lantern

25:52 Peter Weller returns as Robotcop

36:48 The Meg (spoilers 47:16 - 59:06)

59:06 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read

1:07:53 Letters It’s Time For Letters

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