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Umbrella Season 2 is upon us! So we talk that but also so much more. A new Batman animated movie with a twist, Pixar’s next entry, Beyond Good & Evil movie, Netflix introduces a controversial feature, Hawkeye casting, The Witcher but prequel, Luke and Leia cast for the Obi Wan series and Comic Con (more like comic bomb go em). Thanks for listening.

00:00 The Start

05:38 Batman: Death in the Family

09:17 Pixar's Luca

11:10 Awards Season

14:20 Beyond Good & Evil Movie

18:29 Netflix's New 'Fast & Slow' Feature

21:55 Hailee Steinfeld Cast in Hawkeye

26:13 Courtney Cox Returns for Scream 5

31:56 The Witcher: Blood Origin Prequel

36:00 New AMC & Universal Deal

40:18 No Solo Sequel

41:33 Young Luke & Leia in Kenobi Series

44:56 Comic Con more like Comic Bomb

46:54 Transformers CoG Update

50:43 Robat Battinbat T-Shirts

52:15 Umbrella Academy Season Two Review (Spoilers 01:02:55 - 01:14:20)

01:14:20 What We Reading, What We Gonna Read

01:22:50 Letters, It's Time For Letters

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