A staged reading of a play that was first performed on a boat! THE BOAT SHOW follows the high seas adventures and romances of showman Freddie "Hutch" Hutchinson, his pal Duncan "Dunc" Dunbar, and their theater troupe The Great Pals Players as they stow away aboard an ocean liner and try to convince famed producer Emmett Flywheel to finance their new play, "The Curious Baker of Avalon County."

Starring Todd Cooper as Todd Cooper the Curtaineer. Featuring Autumn Reeser as Rose, Craig Cackowski as Jack Bleecker, Annie Savage as Mrs. Flywheel, Steve Agee as the Boat Cop, Michael McMillian as Harold Rittenhouse "HR" Greevy, Chris Tallman as Emmett Flywheel, and Janet Varney and Mark McConville as The Great Pals Players. And introducing Paul F. Tompkins as Freddie "Hutch" Hutchinson and Marc Evan Jackson as Duncan "Dunc" Dunbar. With Jordan Katz and the WorkJuice Band (Ben Peeler, Eric Kufs, Brad Gordon, Dave Chegwith, and Jon Flaugher). Original Music by Paul & Storm, Jonathan Coulton, and Rhett Miller. Directed by Aaron Ginsburg. Written by Ben Acker & Ben Blacker. Recorded Live September 18, 2015 at the Sofitel in Beverly Hills as part of LA PodFest.

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