This week Danielle and Lindsey are joined by Mat Ricardo. He’s a variety performer who actually sees a lot of similarities between his profession and the art of pro wrestling.

There’s a lot for wrestling fans to look forward to in 2019, including WWE finally announcing new tag team titles for the women’s division! Danielle share her reaction to the news and Lindsey will explain why she knew this was a real possibility for months.

Plus, All Elite Wrestling has officially been confirmed! The panel will explain how they hope that this builds on the success of All In and offers another place for wrestlers and fans to benefit.

All of this, plus a requiem for Mean Gene Okerlund, reactions to Becky Lynch teaming up John Cena and which matches we’re looking forward to from Wrestle Kingdom 13.

The Main Event

The panel reflects on the wrestling news and events in 2018. Whether it was Kenny Omega winning the IWGP title, the rise of Becky Lynch, the return of Daniel Bryan or the news from Roman Reigns, there were tons of things to remember.

The Three Count

Mat put over the match between Les Kellet and Leon Arras .

Lindsey put over Kenny’s Quest.

Danielle put over her recent article on Vice Sports.

Hosted by Danielle RadfordLindsey Kelk and Mat Ricardo.

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