This week Hal and Danielle have a special announcement: Tights and Fights is officially moving to SATURDAYS!

In order to talk about NXT and AEW in a more timely manner, we’ll be moving our recording and publication days later in the week. Look forward to hearing us as part of your weekends!

Speaking of AEW, this past weekend was their PPV “Full Gear.” We’ve got a lot of opinions to share on including our thoughts on MJF’s actions at the end of the World Title match, whether or not we have an appetite for unsanctioned violent matches like the Jon Moxley/Kenny Omega match that closed out the show and Jim Ross’ family of shaving products.

Plus, CM Punk is officially affiliated with the WWE product once again! We’ll chat about his new role on FOX, what this could mean for his role in (if any) in WWE and how it feels to have him back in wrestling for the first time in years.

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