If there’s going to be too much wrestling, there may as well be some exciting parts mixed in. That means new champions like NXT Champion Finn Balor and AEW tag champions FTR. 

Plus Miro (formerly WWE’s Rusev) made his return to wrestling as part of AEW! We’ll explain why we’re excited about him… and why it looks like AEW might be relying on former WWE talent. Just a little. 

The Main Event

Not a great week for either AEW or WWE taking care of their performers. While the language of the actual rules is a little vague, it still remains that WWE is looking to further restrict its wrestlers appearing on third party services like YouTube, Twitch, Cameo and more. We’ll explain why this feels like a gross move. And not to be outdone, Matt Hardy took a bad fall on Saturday that resulted in him going to the hospital. While AEW insists that he doesn’t have a concussion, we remain dubious that that they handled this the right way.

The Three Count

Lindsey and Hal put over You Cannot Kill David Arquette.

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