Get on your dancin’ shoes and warm up those vocal chords! Hal and Danielle are back to talk about a whole lot of wrestling.

AEW had what may have been our favorite segment from them ever: Le Dinner Debonair with MJF and Chris Jericho. They still aren’t doing right by their women’s division (as evidenced by Kenny Omega’s “Babes and Brooms” entrance), but are segments like this enough to keep us engaged as fans?

Plus, we’ll talk about Kushida’s biggest win yet and why we’re so happy that while The New Day may be split up, they’re not broken up.

Main Event

There may come a day when AEW and WWE combine forces in some way shape or form. If and when that ever happens, we can only hope that it turns out better than the 2001 WCW Invasion storyline. It was the conclusion of the Monday Night War and was among the biggest wasted opportunities in wrestling history. We’ll discuss what we thought as fans at the time and what might have improved it.

The Three Count

Danielle put over Naomi going viral on TikTok.

Hal put over Roman Reigns and Jey Uso's ongoing story..

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