Straighten up your tie and remember you were born naughty, it’s a brand new episode of Tights and Fights!

Mat Ricardo is a variety performer based in England. It’s a career that requires a whole ton of entertaining crowds! So yeah you could say he understands a little bit of what wrestlers went through this year.

But he’s got plenty of opinions on the most notorious WWE segment of the week: Shayna Baszler having it out with Alexa Bliss’ doll Lilly.

Plus, it’s been three hours so it’s time for another WWE PPV. This time it’s NXT TakeOver: In Your House 2021. It looks like an intriguing card on paper, but we’re here to answer the most important question on our mind: Who’s the heel in the Karrion Grimes/ LA Knight program.

Ring Tones: William Regal

William Regal is one of the most respected wrestlers in WWE. He’s had a lengthy career that included a pompous englishman to a serious GM to a real man’s man. Plus, he’s had new music to accompany most of these character changes.  

The Three Count:

Mat put over William Regal’s promo against Antonio Cesaro.

Lindsey put over New Japan Dominion

Danielle put over Logan Paul vs. Mayweather (seriously!)

Hal put over HHH at the 76ers game.

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