Joe’s gonna kill you!

It took a little while, but Samoa Joe is officially in the main event spotlight, where he deserves to be! He’ll face Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship… and probably lose, but for right now, this is AWESOME!

Plus, what ever happened with Bayley? How did the RAW women’s division get to be such a rudderless ship? 

On the flip side, we think Smackdown’s women’s division is looking great! They’ve got a shiny new Money in the Bank briefcase to fight over AND they’ve just debuted Lana as a title contender. We’ll explain why we’re on board.

Main Event: 

Out of WWE’s 13 titles across all of its respective brands, only one of them is portrayed as a hero or babyface. Does the WWE have a problem with creating compelling good guys? And just what makes for an effective crowd-favorite these days?

Hosted by Hal LublinDanielle Radford and Mike Eagle. 

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