We were all set to have TLC show built around the first official match of the Shield 2.0 and a Demon vs. Sister Abigail encounter. But a sudden viral meningitis outbreak meant that the WWE had to reach deep into the deck to keep fans happy.

Kurt Angle made his official return to replace Roman Reigns in their main event match and Finn Balor finally got to wrestle AJ Styles for the first time ever! We’ll break down what we thought about WWE’s last-minute scramble.

Plus, how about Alicia Fox the last few shows? She’s stepped up in a big way to prove how much charisma she’s got and crazied her way to the Captain of the RAW Survivor Series team! And what about Kane’s first singles match on RAW? Or Sami Zayn’s adorably obnoxious skank routine? It’s all here and so much more!

Main Event

Now that Smackdown has officially put RAW #UnderSiege, it’s time to take a look at the classic invasion angle. Which ones throughout the course of history worked best? Are they completely ruined if the follow-up doesn’t work? And will this do anything to generate some interest in Survivor Series?

The Three Count

Danielle put over Taya's Johnny Mundo movie on Lucha Underground.

Mike put over Alicia Fox.

Lindsey put over the abundance of Dana Brooke memes.

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