It’s the final stop before the last Big 4 WWE show of the year!

Survivor Series continues to have tons of wrenches thrown into it at the 11th hour. Turns out Alexa Bliss will be facing Charlotte on Sunday after she beat Natalia for the Smackdown Women’s title. Between this, Roman Reigns returning, and Jason Jordan being replaced on the RAW team, there’s a lot going on. But is all of this serving to make for a better show, or is it just showing how haphazardly WWE is putting this together?

Speaking of Roman he and the Shield finally had their first match as a unit in years. They’re all set to face the New Day in few days. Should they have wait for a bit longer for that Shield reunion? How about that RAW invasion? What are the stakes as we approach Sunday?

And how excited is Danielle to have a fourth season of Lucha Underground confirmed?!

Main Event

Triple H is officially the fifth member of Monday Night RAW’s Survivor Series team! Between him, Kurt Angle, Shane McMahon and John Cena, that’s FOUR part-time wrestlers split across each team. Is this the best way to utilize a partite performer in WWE? What is? Should a part-timer ever be champion? We’ll talk about it.

Three Count

Danielle put over the magical run of James Ellsworth

Mike put over the latest episode of Killing the Town with Storm and Cyrus.

Hal put over the great 205 Live star, Drew Gulak.


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