Noted wrestling fan, video-game aficionado and rapper Mega Ran officially joins the Nation of Conversation.

And we’re going to continue to talk all about his experience with Wrestle Kingdom 12 since he saw it LIVE in the Tokyo Dome!

Plus, we’ll take a look at how much fun it was to see Braun Strowman tear up the ($12 million) production trucks, why AJ Styles is delivering some of the worst promos of his career and why the Revival is set to take a hit from every single legend next week on RAW.

And we’ll keep looking ahead to the Royal Rumble, including who would be a great winner for the first ever Woman’s edition of the event.

Main Event

Seth Rollins’s signature finishing move has at last returned! After a brief stint with the Pedigree and (ugh) King’s Landing, the Curb Stomp is back with a vengeance. What makes it such an effective finisher? And who could stand to get a new finisher in the next few weeks?

The Three Count

Mike put over Bruce Prichard's stories on the latest episode The Masked Man podcast.

Mega Ran put over Rusev's encouragement to Lana for the MMC.

Hal put over Kurt Angle's awful acting.

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