Welcome everyone to our official post-Royal Rumble decompression. Most of WWE is in a bit of a holding pattern as the final WrestleMania picture takes shape. 

But there are still tons of things happening throughout both shows. Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens are seemingly headed for a break-up which we are very much NOT in favor. We’ll explain how we’d like to see their partnership developed alongside the WWE Title scene with AJ Styles.

Plus, Jason Jordan is dealing with a neck injury that’s going to have him out of the ring for a number of months. But where does this leave his character and Seth Rollins before he’s able to head back to the ring?

And we’ll take a closer look at where everyone else is heading into the final weeks before the biggest show in wrestling, including Asuka, Nia Jax and everyone on the Smackdown Top 10 (Whatever that ends up being like!).

Gimmick Corner

For the past 15 years or so, WWE television has had one man at the forefront: John Cena. He’s been the franchise player for WWE up until a few years ago. So it’s hard to believe that he started out as a generic babyface with ruthless aggression and eventually became the doctor of thuganomics with some impressive (?) rap skills. We’ll take a look at what makes him tick and whether or not he’s lost a step as he ascended the card.

Three Count 

Danielle put over some of Twitter's best wrestling artists

Julian put over John Cena's best joke ever

Hal put over the Philly Special

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