With Daryl Takahashi looking on with love, Danielle and Lindsey take control of the show!

The two will break down the problems that have arisen with the Greatest Royal Rumble in Saudi Arabia; it’s WWE’s second major live event to air this month on the Network… but it will not feature a single women’s match. How much is that undercutting WWE’s supposed “women’s evolution?” And is the company doing everything they could be to make sure women are being properly used on their programming to make up for this absence?

The Saudi Arabian show will be host to other matches, including Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship. But what is it about this match that’s not clicking, compared to the build for their WrestleMania match? 

Plus, why Shinsuke Nakamura’s new music is so amazing, who we wish was getting a shot at the Cruiserweight Championship and why it may be time to give Impact Wrestling another shot after so long.

The Three Count

Lindsey put over Candice LeRae and Zelina Vega's match on NXT.

Julian put over Austin Aries's promo after winning back the Impact World Championship.

Danielle put over The Nuclear Heat wrestling show on May 9th in Los Angeles.

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