As always Hal, Danielle and Lindsey breakdown the latest in the world of wrestling. And this week that includes Greatest Royal Rumble live from Saudi Arabia. 

Everyone on the panel has seen at least a little of the event, but was the show and the payday worth preventing the entire women’s roster from performing at the show?

Greatest Royal Rumble was also the precursor to this Sunday’s BackLash event. With Roman Reigns losing once again, how much have they damaged his presentation and the perception of the Universal Title?

And with Shinsuke Nakamura set for what could be his final match for the WWE title against AJ Styles, does he need to win that strap to cement his positioning as the top heel on Smackdown?

All this plus a look at which feuds could go on forever, why WWE needs women’s tag team titles and who the uncrowned king of 205 Live is.

Three Count

Danielle put over Mauro Renallo's upcoming documentary "Bipolar Rock N' Roller".

Lindsey put over Shinsuke Nakamura's WWE documentary.

Hal put over Corey Graves's reaction to Titus Slipping on the way to the ring.

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