For the last several weeks the panel has been in agreement: RAW is in a funk. It’s featured segments with juvenile humor, interesting stories and a lack of stars that make us want to watch.

Turns out there’s someone who agrees with our commentary: Vince McMahon! We know this because he had Seth Rollins come out chastise Baron Corbin for all of RAW’s shortcomings. But was this acknowledgment of the problem properly followed up with steps to fix the issue? The crew will take a look.

In the meantime, Smackdown continued its momentum from the past several weeks with a match that got the internet buzzing: Mustafa Ali vs. Daniel Bryan! It’s the first time a 205 Live star has wrestled the WWE Champion and everyone hopes it won’t be the last.

All of this plus a look at the Asuka vs. Charlotte match and how the Nation of Conversation feels on the way to TLC this Sunday.

WOW - Women of Wrestling

David McLane is a wrestling promoter who’s known for creating the original 80’s program GLOW. The show gained a reputation for being one of the biggest programs that featured all-women’s wrestling on TV at a time where that was rarity.

McLane’s taken everything he learned working on that show and applied it to Julian Burrell for Maximum Fun.

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