This week, Hal Danielle and Lindsey are joined by DJ Accident ReportLady Bearica Andrews and Ariel Italic. They’re collectively known as The Nobodies on their YouTube series where they breakdown wrestling events.

Bearica and Ariel are both relatively new fans while Accident Report has watched since childhood. And since they started their show they’ve learned something very important: the venn diagram of the world of drag and the world of wrestling is a very large circle. They’ll explain why the entertainment mediums are so identical.

They’ll also discuss how they feel about modern WWE, what it’s been like to cater to an underserved population of wrestling community and why it feels like international wrestling promotions are finally starting to gain a greater amount of attention.

The Nobodies are hosting the Mx. Nobody Pageant beginning August 8th at Brooklyn Bazaar.

The Three Count

Lindsey put over Pro Wrestling EVE establishing a trade union deal for its wrestlers.

Danielle put over Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Will Ospreay in the G1 Climax.

DJ Accident Report put over rising star, Devin Monroe.

Lady Bearica put over the new promotion Journey Pro KC.

Ariel Italic put over RJ City on Twitter.

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