It's dark. Green lights glow beneath your fingers. The clacking of the keys mix harshly with voices of boys, the voices of men. A sharp November breeze seeps through the open door. It keeps the sweat from your brow as you stare deeply into the 120 hrtz monitor.

"Use your main"

You recognise the voice, but it's changed somehow. Like you are hearing it for the first time. A rebirth is taking place.

You press 'Q'. A flock of missiles burst forth, swarming and destroying four of the apposing team.

You turn from the barrel of Pharrahs smoking missile gun to the voice, purple headphones hanging from his neck.

I've finally found a place to 'Belong'.

Yah, so we went to 'Belong'(a gaming cafe) and played Overwatch (a hit video game). Enyoyyyy.

I will forever be putting 'Belong' in quote marks.

Also here is the link to the video on Overwatch's wonderful animation I mention: