The show known has TDR Rocks or Totally Driven Radio has been rebooted as The Rock n Ragni show, which still features it’s host former ECW Original Pro Wrestler Bay “Chubby Dudley” Ragni doing his in-depth music interviews.

On this episode Bay sits down for a Facebook Live Interview and talks with Lukas Rossi, who was the winner of Rockstar Supernova and also Lead Singer of Stereo Satellite

We Discuss…………..
**being on Rockstar Supernova and how intimidating it was
**having that Rockstar factor
**Maintaining a relationship with Tommy Lee, all these years
**If he stills talks with Gilby Clark & Jason Newsted
**What happened with Stereo Satellite (Mike Orlando, John Moyer, Jordan Cannata)
**Being a solo artist, and also focusing on himself musically
**being proud of being a father and husband
**His new single “Summertime” and the new Pop Sound
**The video for “Summertime” and 60 of his celebrity friends being in it

Lukas discusses all this and more

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