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Hour 1:

01.Gordey Tsukanov - Prediction
02.Styller - Kerberos
03.Subconscious Tales - Shiva
04.Arnej - They Still Need Us (Extended mix)
05.Mr. Pit - Destination Kepler
06.Modular Punk - Dear Kate
07.Markus Schulz pres. Dakota - Sinners (Aerofoil remix)
08.Fisherman & Hawkins feat. Sir Adrian - Never The Same
09.Solid Stone feat. Jennifer Rene - Pushing Up (Arkham Knights remix)
10.Gordey Tsukanov - Equilibrium
11.8 Wonders - Blackbriar (Extended mix)
12.Jorn van Deynhoven - Flashback (Extended mix)
13.Jordan Suckley & Eddie Bitar - Centipede (James Dymond remix)
14.Hilight Tribe - Free Tibet (Vini Vici remix)