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01.Gareth Emery - Huracan (Ben Gold Remix)
02.Sean Tyas feat Fisher - Something In The Way (S-Kape edit)
03.Thomas Datt - Across The Edge (S-Kape re-edit)
04.Tau-Rine - P.U.S.H! (S-Kape re-edit)
05.Insigma - Open Our Eyes (Tim Verkruissen & Ruben Verhagen remix)
06.Dimension - Origami (Ferry Tayle emotional remix)
07.Moonsouls - Arise Within You
08.Andy Cain - High Rollers, Heavy Hitters, Life's Go-Getters (Astuni re lift)
09.Will Rees - Persistence
10.Aly & Fila feat Karim Youssef & May Hassan - In My Mind (UCast remix)
11.Eddie Bitar - Drive
12.George Ford - Outbreak