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Hour 1:

01.Joonas Hahmo x K-System - Yàmana
02.Craig Conelly feat Renny Caroll - Elevate (Estiva remix)
03.Dan Dobson - Gaunt
04.Protoculture - Desert Storm
05.Gabriel West & Ricardo Piedra vs Armin van Buuren - Control Ritual (Monoverse rework)
06.Alex Di Stefano - What’s The Catch
07.Age Of Love - Age Of Love (RAM rework)
08.Gai Barone - Lost In Music (Solarstone Pure mix / Tom Neptunes edit)
09.Sneijder - Polarize (Second Sine remix)
10.Indecent Noise - War Cry
11.Sneijder - Outsider
12.Lostly - Fall