From Treasure Island, this is the Rock & Roll News for the Week of May 5, 2024. This weekly Podcast covers events that took place this week in Rock & Roll History; who was in the studio recording what would become a big hit, and spotlight artists that are celebrating birthdays this week.

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On the air every week since 1997, is one of the longest continuously-running radio shows on the Internet; and this year we are celebrating our 26th Anniversary! The show is hosted by veteran record label executive and broadcaster, Michael Godin. During his career at A&M Records, he became Vice-President of A&R and discovered and signed Bryan Adams to the label, along with multi award-winning songwriter and recording artist, Paul Janz. Michael also signed The Payolas whose Eyes Of A Stranger has become a classic. He returned to his radio roots in 1997 when Treasure Island Oldies began and continues to this day.

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