itunes pic
It's so dang hot just consider yourself fortunate to get these:
10 Life Onh Mars (David Bowie) - Morse-Portnoy-George
9 Funky Broadway (Wilson Pickett) - LuckyPeterson
8 Warmth Of The Sun (Beach Boys) - Andrew Gold
7 L A Freeway (Guy Clark) - Spanky and Our Gang
6 The Letter (Box Tops/Joe Cocker style)- Morse-Portnoy-George
5 Memphis (Chuck Berry) - Faces
4 When A Man Loves A Woman (persy Sledge) - Arlen Roth
3 I Fought The Law (Bobby Fuller Four) - The Clash
2 Take Me To The River (Al Green) - Talking Heads
1 Working Class Hero (John Lennon) - Marianne Faithful
Bonus - Hurt ( Nine Inch Nails) - Johnny Cash