It's part Dementoed, it's part now defunct Special Xed, but it's 100% Trick's Synthetic Podcast! Tis week with a special appearance by Dread Zeppelin!

Next Time - Richard Berry,
Freddy King - That's What You Think (early EL BEE recording),
Don't (Elvis cover) - Keith Richards (with Bro Dave reprise),
Hey, Ride With Me Awhile: What About Reupholsterers -  Tony Scheuren and The NaLapCo Band,
The Tex-Mex Bloc:
Hasta Manana Iguana - Billy Bacon and Ther Forbidden Pigs,
Velma from Selma - Augie Meyer,
Hey Baby, Que Paso - Jimmy Carl Black and Eugene Chadbourne,
Medley: "Hey, Hey What Can I Do, Brick House" - Dread Zeppelin,
Beer and Interlude - Asylum Street Spankers,
Perry Mason of Love - Mojo Nixon,
Back 2 Back: Another Brick in the Wall with Mostly Autumn and  Luther Wright and the Wrongs,
Ono! It's A Beatle Break:  A Hard Day's Night- Mighty Fire Steel Band,
Noticed I Was Late - Sir Paul, 
Bear's Choice Blues Break: The Englisman-German-Jew Blues -  The Two Alberts (King and Brooks), 
Born On The Bayou (CCR cover) - Dread Zeppelin.